Harvesting in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans is the basis of our work

Fish and seafood production is carried out by groups of harvesting companies of the holding. We offer our customers a wide range of fish products, including the most valuable bottom and pelagic fish species, as well as northern shrimp and Commander squid. All  holding's vessels are equipped with the modern technological equipment in order to produce high-quality products directly at sea. 

Our fleet consists of more than 50 vessels: large-tonnage trawlers, medium-tonnage trawlers, and longliners. On most of our vessels processing and freezing of products are carried out at sea on board. In addition, Norebo's fleet includes four freshening trawlers to supply chilled fish to our onshore fish processing plant in Murmansk region.

Wild Arctic fish from the ocean to your table

When planning our own production we first of all thought about how to preserve the taste and quality of just caught wild fish and seafood from the sea to your table. It was necessary to find a solution to ensure that the catch gets from the sea to processing as quickly as possible and modern technologies that would preserve it's best qualities throughout the entire journey.

In 2016 we launched a high-tech factory on shore of the Kola bay in Murmansk

It is located close to the fishing areas and has its own pier, which allows efficiently unload catches, maximizes the freshness of raw materials and guarantees the high quality of products at all stages of production.

In 2019 we launched packing and distribution complex in Klin, Moscow region

Used for processing, packaging and storing frozen products produced on board or at onshore factory in Murmansk. The complex serves as the main logistics center for the Russian market.

The freshness of borealis fish and seafood is guaranteed by the optimal temperature whish is maintained throughout the journey to the consumer. The temperature should  be not too high so that fermentation processes do not start and no too low so the structure of the fish does not change and fish does not lose it's natural juiciness.

To do this, fish and seafood are cut  and frozen immediately after the catch on board. Or fresh fish and seafood are placed in liquid ice made from the sea water and delivered within a few hours to onshore factory. At the factory fish and seafood are transferred to the Super Chiller, a device where the raw materials are cooled to -0,9°C. This temperature rensures a slowdown of biochemical processes in fish.

After that fresh fish and seafood go to cutting and shock freezing, after which they are not defrosted along the entire route. The production of products is completely environmentally friendly and complies with the principles of sustainable development of Norebo.