borealis (from Latin northern, cold) is a brand of wild northern fish and seafood, once frozen, carrying the value of perfect tastes created by nature, environmental friendliness and an uncompromising approach to the high quality

borealis assortment includes the most delicious species of fish and seafood from the best raw materials harvested by own fleet, once frozen and carefully packaged to maintain freshness from the ocean to your table.

borealis is a brand of Norebo holding

The largest harvesting holding in Russia with a powerful infrastructure, including:
– own fleet,
– fishing companies located in the North-West and Far East of Russia,
– trading companies,
– fish processing plant,
– fish canning complex,
– shipbuilding and ship repair shipyards,
– cargo handling terminal with refrigeration and berthing facilities.

Fish and seafood production is carried out in the central, north-west and north-east parts of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as in the north-west and south-east parts of the Pacific Ocean. The main species of fish and seafood harvested by our fleet: cod, haddock, mackerel, Alaska pollock, herring, capelin, blue whiting, pollack, horse mackerel, sardinella, sea perch, squid, shrimp, etc. The size of Norebo quotas for catching cod and haddock is 30% of the total catch of the biological resources in Russia, which makes the holding the absolute leader in these categories.

Norebo's product range includes about 100 different species of fish and seafood products, including: frozen fish and seafood, canned fish, fish treats to dogs.

The holding's products are in demand both in Russia and  abroad. Fish and seafood are sold under the following brands: borealis, Glacialis, Ocean Spirit, canned fish under the Rybnoe menu (Fish Menu) brand.