Quality that comes from the sea

The ocean is never the same, but it's rules are always constant. Only strict following the rules of the ocean makes harvesting process possible. Our borealis products are the result of hard work and adherence to nature's principles, from the choice of fishing locations to the choice of vehicles that deliver the consistent quality of borealis to the retail chains.

Control of the full production cycle

borealis is a full production cycle from harvesting to delivery of products to retail chains. We organize and control the most important stage — fish and seafood harvesting. Properly organized harvesting is a guarantee of high-quality raw materials. Clearly established and regulated trawling time, the volume of fish in the trawl and quick cutting ensure the absence of hematomas, the maintanance of  skin and structure of  fish meat. The ability to track the entire way that borealis products take from the vessel to the final delivery allows us to ensure the high quality of our products. 

An uncompromising approach to product quality is the key principle of borealis, based on three components

Traceability system + compliance with international standards
Advanced technologies and packaging solutions
Environmentally friendly - responsible consumption involves making the most of the catch. Production losses account for only 1%, but in the future it is planned to eliminate them too

Types of packaging

To preserve frozen products, we use vacuum packaging implemented in skin technology and thermoforming, as well as a double vacuum bag.

  • In skin technology

    the product is placed on a polymer tray, which is covered under vacuum with a high-barrier film, which fits the product tightly like a “second skin” .

  • Vacuum packaging

    protects the product from frost formation, allows to demonstrate it's quality, color and structure. Thanks to it's tight fit, the vacuum packaging preserves the natural juiciness of the fish without preservatives or a thick layer of glaze.

  • In thermoforming technology

    Using a heated press, a recess is formed from a dense barrier film into which the product is placed, air is removed from the niche and sealed on top with a second layer of barrier film. Products susceptible to frost formation are placed in an additional bag that minimizes the impact of temperature changes.

  • Packaging MAP

    is a tray made of food-grade polymer, sealed on top with a protective film. The MAP tray is the best solution for packaging wild northern shrimp cooked at sea. Frame properties reliably protect the product during transportation and storage from deformation and damage.